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St. John Cantius
St. John Cantius is a Catholic Church in the Diocese of Cleveland. They partnered with Briefcase Marketing to create a clean, beautiful website that grows the parish.
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LaSalette Website | Built by Briefcase Marketing
LaSalette Website | Built by Briefcase Marketing

Why Briefcase Marketing

Not satisfied with what they were hearing from other potential vendors, St. John Cantius partnered with Briefcase Marketing.

A plan was formed to  breathe new life into their website visually and showcase the beauty of their church.

The Challenge

St. John Cantius had an old website that desperately needed an update. Their church is one of the most beautiful in the area and they wanted to capitalize on that. The messaging also needed to be clarified so that it sold the parish as a new home for potential parishioners.

The Strategy

With Briefcase Marketing as an extension of their team, St. John Cantius now had the necessary resources to address their specific needs. We led a comprehensive discovery process to identify messaging and visuals that would resonate emotionally potential parishioners.

Briefcase provided a professional photographer to capture the beauty of the church. These photos were used across all marketing material, including the website. Putting user experience expertise to use, Briefcase not only reorganized the website’s navigation to make it easier to use; we also added CTA buttons all throughout the website so that a prospective parishioners could get in touch from any page.

The Results

Since the launch of the new website, St. John Cantius has recieved positive feedback from website visitors.

Key points brought up were the use of great photos, the ease of navigating the site and the ability to quickly send updates using pop-ups.

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Website Launched

March 2024

Success Achieved!

With Briefcase Marketing’s expertise, St. John Cantius successfully transformed their website into a powerful marketing tool.

The redesigned website clearly displays the beauty of the parish and guides visitors to become a parishioner.

By attracting more traffic, engaging visitors for longer periods, and increasing conversions, St. John Cantius strengthened its online presence and achieved their goal of showcasing their beautiful church.

Happy Client | Briefcase Marketing
LaSalette Website | Built by Briefcase Marketing
LaSalette Website | Built by Briefcase Marketing
Created by Briefcase Marketing - St. Michael School
LaSalette Website | Built by Briefcase Marketing

Happy Client 

Our business recently contracted with Briefcase to design a new and fresh website. The result was stunning and everyone was well pleased. Great job Briefcase Marketing!
Fr. James Roach – St. John Cantius
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